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bee smart city is the leading global community, connecting all smart city stakeholders with proven solutions, and the preferred network of United for Smart Sustainable Cities IP, the global smart city initiative of the United Nations.

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Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin
Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin
“bee smart city is an indispensable tool: it enables us to easily bring our smart city solutions online, to share them with other cities, to identify new solutions, and to be more transparent and citizen-centric.”

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Get an overview of the most popular topics on our platform. Dive deeper into topics of your interest and find the most popular solutions in these categories.

Trends are indicated by the number of Smart City Solutions per topics (tags) and per smart city indicators, such as environment, economy, government, people, living and mobility.

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Kari Aina Eik, United Smart Cities and OiER
Kari Aina Eik, Leader U4SSC Implementation Programme and Secretary General of OiER
“With bee smart city, we have found a strong partner to realize the implementation of smart city projects globally in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals and to connect all smart city stakeholders with proven solutions.”
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Connect with and contact other community members, city- and solution moderators. Get matched with other users based on your expertise and needs. Socially interact with the community by sharing and “smarting” solutions.

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