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Framework agreement on carrying out pilot studies on the implementation of digital visitor measurement in the state of Brandenburg

  • Deadline: January 17, 2021
  • Issued by: TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH
  • Type: RFP
  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German

This call for proposals is intended to support the pilot concept for digital visitor measurement (technical feasibility). The aim of this service is to conceptually develop approaches for visitor guidance and the technological setup for efficient visitor measurement in up to ten locations. The spatial unit of a location refers to a municipality with up to 15 measuring stations at neuralgic points. The pre-selection of the municipalities is carried out by the client. Since the number of analyses and exact dates or locations for the implementation cannot yet be determined, the client intends to award a framework agreement for the analysis with a term until 31 December 2022. It can be assumed that at least half of the on-site visits will take place in the first quarter of 2022.

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Solar Energy - Supply and installation of a Smart Nanogrid

  • Deadline: January 18, 2021
  • Issued by: University of Cyprus
  • Type: RFT
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Language: English

The main objective of the nanogrid implemented at the facilities of FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy is to transform the Photovoltaic (PV) Technology Lab into a living lab, where the energy consumption will be fulfilled by the energy production from the Photovoltaics (PVs) and the stored energy from the battery energy storage system. The target is to reduce to the minimum the energy consumption costs and nullify the CO2 footprint of the laboratory.

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Municipal Climate-Dashboard

  • Deadline: January 26, 2021
  • Issued by: City of Bad Belzig
  • Type: RFT
  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German

The "Fläming climate workshop - living greener together" is a model project of the city of Bad Belzig, together with the project partners neuland21 and Smart Village e.V. The main goal of the model project "Fläming climate workshop - living greener together" is to work together with the citizens and citizens of the city to fill the idea of ​​a smart, sustainable life locally with life.

The plan is to build one Climate workshop in connection with an interactive online platform, that uses open data (real-time data based on environmental sensors and open administrative data), a dashboard and a gamification approach to enable local climate protection participation.

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